Have any questions before your purchase or want to learn more? Check our frequently asked questions below!

How does GamerCrates work?

GamerCrates builds the ultimate gaming subscription boxes inspired by all of your favorite games. For only $19.99, you get $40+ of gear and merchandise centered around a specific game or some sort of gaming equipment to help your gameplay.

How do I know what I'll be getting? 

You don't! That would take the fun out of it! We do provide a theme to help give you an idea of what will be coming in that month's crate.


How can I get sponsored?

 Our sponsorship program is meant to be for the best gamers out there. We will not be enrolling small teams or players due to the fact that we want to have our program be the best it can. There is a form available on our Affiliate Program page for sponsorship entries.


How can I have my products in GamerCrates?

It's easy! Just send us an email to info@gamercrates.com with the subject line saying "Product Integration Inquiry - Product Name".


How can I contact you directly for support?

That's easy! Just send us an email to info@gamercrates.com!


How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, simply log in to your account and click manage subscriptions. From there, you should be able to cancel it through editing your subscription. If you still need help, please send an email to info@gamercrates.com